Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Bad Mama Jama Looks Up and Sighs

Who is Carl Carlton?  And I always thought this tune was good ole Stevie.

I have waited for the time when I can finally say that this has all been wonderful and now I am on my way back to spin class!  It keeps me culturally-current.  When there is a good playlist, naturally.

Later in spin class, I heard another tune that I thought sounded familiar.  It's a catchy tune, but Ray Charles' "I've Got a Woman" drips misogyny.  It's not like I went to Wellesley or Smith, but I still have a heavy dose of feminist self-respect.   Stango said he never thought much about the lyrics.  Um, really?

Turns out the tune I was listening to in spin was a Kanye one, "Goldigger," which sampled the earlier Charles' tune.  Oy.  Can we say 21st century misogyny.  And even worse!  But at least now I can say I know a Kanye song.  Having read about him for years in all of my publications that keep me up to date, I finally recognize a tune of his.

I love Jamie Foxx the actor (loved Django Unchained) so at least that helps me deal with the fact that I posted a video like that on my blog.

Moving on in spin...

Bet you've never heard of the band called The Time. Neither had I. (well, not you Uncle Goalie I am sure you have).  My guess was they were probably a one-hit wonder.  But you have heard of Prince and he produced this tune.   The Time is close with Prince.  Any kid of the 80s has heard their tune Jungle Love.  Now this would be a fantastic new tune for Phish to cover!  Bring out that funk I tell ya.  And we all know how much Phish phans love Prince.

Enjoy that YouTube while you can.  We all know how private and protective Prince is.  That YouTube won't last long is my guess.

"Ice Cream Castle," the album on which Jungle Love appears, came out right around the time of Prince's "Purple Rain."  And we know how much the Phish world loves that album.  A lot.  It speaks right to that community.

Prince is truly a prince.  Has he met Winterqueen yet?