Friday, October 25, 2013

Baby gifts galore. Sussudio!

Further to a new baby in the house, I love getting gifts.  There is a reason that the idiom "it's the thought that counts" is long-living.  That someone took the time to set aside something for baby Eddie, no matter the item, touches my emotions.  It shows that they care.  The simple act of giving a gift, whether homemade or Jonathan Adler hippy couture, is the essence.  

People have a lot of gifts to give, and it gets pricey, especially when you live amongst folks who have (k'h), many beautiful communal life cycle events to celebrate.  People can't keep spending money when they have multiple brisses, weddings and bar mitzvahs a month.  So they do what we all know happens in the dark recesses of home offices across the country:  they regift.

No jacket gift receipt required.

I am the first to admit that I regift items, but with baby things another alternative is to make a personalized, handmade gift.  And you don't have to be a Picasso.

I am not a great artist.  But I can hold my own with a glue gun and paint pen.  I realize this isn't for everyone.  And not everyone has the time; who does!  But if you can swing it, most moms I know love something that says their baby's name on it.  Especially when you already have all the baby gear you need.   Who needs  another plastic baby toy? 

Here are some works in progress.  They are personalized plastic storage boxes.  You might know these babies, or better yet, you might be the recipient of one of these gifts.  If so, I hope I didn't ruin the surprise.  These boxes still need some silver accents added. 

Look how cooperative Eddie was!

Oh, and my first concert ever?  Genesis at the Hartford Colosseum.  I sat with Jodi Fisher.  We went with the JCC youth group.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nostalgia for No Sugar Cereals Under a Curtain

My mom wasn't a health nut growing up but as a general rule she didn't buy sugar cereal save for one memorable incident involving my little sister, Reba, and Rainbow Brite cereal.  Don't get me wrong:  I do have memories of a Cap'n Crunch here and a Cocoa Pebble there but for the most part we had "healthier" options like Special K, Cheerios and Crispix. I put that word in quotes because we all now know those cereals still have plenty of sugar.  I don't buy those cereals for my own children, as they are being reared on organic this and Trader Joe's that.

Still, I am nostalgic.  So when I saw this display of retro cereal packaging in Target this morning it brought me right back to 1979.

Even though we didn't get Count Chocula or Boo Boo Berries in my house, I loved watching the commercials and got all warm and fuzzy when I saw these images.  I had a very happy childhood and please me have no regrets that I didn't get to eat this dreck.  Like my mom, I won't buy these cereals for my children.  That they weren't kosher then nor aren't kosher now is also a reason to avoid purchasing them, but just as important, they are junk for the body and soul.

Lest you think I shun this stuff fully, time to reconsider.  All this chit chat of sugar cereals doesn't preclude my children from eating Whole Foods' brand of sweetened chocolate rice cereal on Sunday mornings.   

And now behind Curtain #1, straight from the baby's mouth...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Meltdown Time...Wolfman Wolverine Spins Light Poi!

We didn't let a little Wolfman's Brother meltdown get us down this past Saturday night.  Fall Tour is upon us and with The Nunever in town and for his first visit ever meeting Eddie, we purchased the webcast for the Saturday night show.  There is no finer melava malka that I can imagine.

I love that the Hampton Coliseum, where the 1st three shows of the tour took place, is known colloquially as "The Mothership."  Because here we were, in our own house, me being totally the mama and in our own mothership (i.e. our unfinished basement).  I have never seen a show at The Mothership, and I look forward to when my brother in law visits (that would be Reba's husband, who I once referred to as Fluffhead here but I don't think Reba liked that so I will just call him Pesach as that is his Jewish name) he will be bringing me his hard drive so I can copy a show that the Dead did in this same venue in 1989 which many people hold in high regard.  (shoulda woulda coulda that was my senior year of high school why didn't I go down to Hampton then and see this seminal under-the-radar show not even performed by The Grateful Dead but a band that billed themselves as Formerly the Warlocks but everyone knew they were the Dead!?!?  Regret vent of the day complete)

Until then, enjoy a sample from our evening on Saturday night.  It's tough to get through the Wolfman Brother's kvetching, but wait till you see the Wolfman  himself, a total wook and awesome poi spinner.  That kid's gonna shine on Shakedown one day.  And when that day comes, I will kvell like only a heimish hippy chick mama can.