Monday, October 21, 2013

Meltdown Time...Wolfman Wolverine Spins Light Poi!

We didn't let a little Wolfman's Brother meltdown get us down this past Saturday night.  Fall Tour is upon us and with The Nunever in town and for his first visit ever meeting Eddie, we purchased the webcast for the Saturday night show.  There is no finer melava malka that I can imagine.

I love that the Hampton Coliseum, where the 1st three shows of the tour took place, is known colloquially as "The Mothership."  Because here we were, in our own house, me being totally the mama and in our own mothership (i.e. our unfinished basement).  I have never seen a show at The Mothership, and I look forward to when my brother in law visits (that would be Reba's husband, who I once referred to as Fluffhead here but I don't think Reba liked that so I will just call him Pesach as that is his Jewish name) he will be bringing me his hard drive so I can copy a show that the Dead did in this same venue in 1989 which many people hold in high regard.  (shoulda woulda coulda that was my senior year of high school why didn't I go down to Hampton then and see this seminal under-the-radar show not even performed by The Grateful Dead but a band that billed themselves as Formerly the Warlocks but everyone knew they were the Dead!?!?  Regret vent of the day complete)

Until then, enjoy a sample from our evening on Saturday night.  It's tough to get through the Wolfman Brother's kvetching, but wait till you see the Wolfman  himself, a total wook and awesome poi spinner.  That kid's gonna shine on Shakedown one day.  And when that day comes, I will kvell like only a heimish hippy chick mama can.


Sparklingsister said...

Yay! I wish I were there raging with you at couch tour! My niece was at the Mothership for her 2nd show! She hung with the Phishabbos folk for shabbat! Remind you I took her to her first show, here in LA! She's on her way to being a holy hippilach yid now! :) Um, I think I would banished Wolfman's little brodah to his kid cave though! Where was Concealed light?

Loony said...

C.L. was at "parent's survival night" at her gym....all they did was little kiddie stuff though . She won't be doing that again. you are THE BEST aunt and SparklingSister yay for the hipplach

Loony said...

oh I should add that I had JUST come down from getting Eddie to sleep and that is EXACTLY the scene I walked into. STRESSFUL!!!!!!! We ended up raging not just that show but also the show from night before as it was "featured show" on ....Stango wasn't raging with us, only me and the Nun and I gotta say he was sometimes dozing off....I got the power mama energy!!!

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