Sunday, June 26, 2016

I am a proud gun owner!

Glue guns, that is.

 Since we *are* on the topic of guns, I figured why not shout out to the world I own two guns!  I know some folks are more reserved about telling the public, and yes it would probably be wise not to give away trade secrets. 

However, I think you'd have to be living in a cave, or maybe have your head buried in an academic journal or otherwise be totally oblivious to the DIY crafting explosion over the past 20 years, to not realize there's at least one (more likely multiple locations of a) Michael's craft store in every major American metropolitan area.   No, I get no revenue by the way from that link.  I'm just nice like that.  Not like I am driving much traffic to Michael's.  But let's leave the self-deprecating stuff aside.  This is a positive place.

The glue gun is readily available at many local craft stores in both the low heat only and LO/Hi combo versions.  Hot glue sticks are available in various lengths, too. 

It's been a fun crafting evening amidst the busy life I lead of caring for a family of 6, hosting a large Shabbat lunch today with way too much food, and getting 3 children ready to leave for 5 weeks. B H for a dishwasher!

Gearing up for Summer Tour. Not like I am going on tour. I wish.  Only in my dreams.  But I am getting to at least 3 shows in the next couple of weeks. And gearing up to sell OhKeePahs, HeadyBands, hoodies, and other donut-related items in person. 

Here's a cute tote I just made. 

What exactly happened with the whole donut explosion thing?  It's like....slap some Fishman Donuts on it and people go ballistic.  I don't quite get it.  But somehow the masses love it.  So, being the enterprising and entrepreneurial self I am, I am slapping donuts on my crafting items.  This phenomenon fascinates me and is a topic I'd love to research and write about.  But that's another story.

And a fanny pack I accessorized. 

And some luxury hotel slippers, headyfied. 


Here are some of my favorite musicians visiting a gun shop somewhere in Europe a while back.  I love the theatrics, the fun and games, when Trey scratches his very white leg, the silliness between Mike and Trey, the fact that Trey tries to bargain down and then when they finally offer him lower than his offer, he *still* walks away.   These are good, solid guys!  They definitely would be fun guys to hang with but that's another story.

What exactly did Trey do with that whip?  I don't really want to know.