Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Chocolate Lollipops

This morning I ordered the cutest Thanksgiving chocolate lollipops for kids and kids at heart.  For a number of years I brought them to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Last year I couldn't find them in the store, but this year I changed heart and ordered direct from Mom N Pops in the foothills of the Catksills.  Yes, I am savvy.

Pilgrim girl and pilgrim boy lollipops, how cute!  Milk and white chocolate blend, all made right here in the grand-ole U.S. of A. They mold 'em right there up in New York State.  Locally-sourced!

2009.  The Wolfman with his 1st cousin Goobers and Pilgrim children pops

2009.  1st cousin Goobers with girl Pilgrim pop and her dad, my bro-in-law .  Go Blue!
2010.  The Wolfman and the Wolfman's Brother with boy Pilgrim pop

2010.  Concealed Light with 1st cousin Miguelita and a Turkey pop (also from Mom N Pops)

2011.  1st cousins Goobers and Miguelita with Concealed Light.   Didn't think ahead and had less fun foil-wrapped chocolate turkeys.  Way more pricey, too.

2011.  1st cousins Concealed Light and Miguelita still have fun even no pilgrim pops.

This year, we plan to rage the Thanksgiving parade scene with our pilgrim pops!  Did I say already that I put in my order at 7am despite the busy-ness of my life?

They are worth ordering online despite the high shipping fee ($16 for 16 pops!) since you will likely not find these in your local store.

Mom N Pops
834 Brooks Street
New Windsor, NY  12553

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