Friday, August 1, 2014

I'm Lighting Shabbat Candles For Israel, Meatballs and Meatstick

"Can I have meatballs," the Wolfman's Brother said just now.  "It smells so good," he continued as the smells of Shabbat are wafting through our house.  

So happy for our cozy home.  
So sad for the news from Israel today.

Some of you may have heard of this, but over 2,000 women are Lighting Shabbat Candles for Israel tonight.  Specifically have in mind 23 year old Hadar Goldin from Kfar Saba who was abducted today.

His name is Hadar ben Hedva Leah.
Go ahead please write down his name or print this page.  
Have him in mind. 

(The name hedva appears in the traditional wedding blessings and is often sung out loud "gila, rina, ditza v'hedva, ahava, achva, shalom v'reut")

May Hadar, a Givati soldier, get home safely and may he have a Shabbat shalom.
Let's hope that one day the smell of Shabbat and even just maybe the good tunes unite us all.

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