Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walfredo and 127 and If You Will It It is No Dream (Tour) #hashtagitbagit

Phish played the song "Walfredo" the other night, a very rare occurrence from their repetoire, at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco.  It was played based on a fan request.  It was played in honor of the memory of phan Adam Berger, who passed away earlier this year.

I have waxed poetic in the past about various reasons why I love the number 127.

Or variations of it.

Photo from a Flickr post
Is it simply coincidence that they played this tune on  the date 10/27?

I doubt highly that any of this was planned.
But I like to think that it's all there for a reason.

Do I think Trey was all like, "let's do Loony a favor and get all whack and play this song as a tribute to a dedicated fallen fan on her favorite number day."


I didn't know Adam Berger but his blog is called Walfredo.  Clearly he was a huge phan.  He loved Walfredo.   And Phish, probably the best musical outfit out there today, played it.  In San Francisco, the town where he lived for many years.  May his memory be a blessing.

And thanks NYCJAMGAL for posting this nice video of the historic happening.

Back to 127...
Despite them not playing in Israel on 12/8 a few years ago (if you read my lengthy post you'll see originally it was to be 12/7, but couldn't be due to various reasons), I keep the dream alive....


Which is way too long of a hashtag.

That's why ya gotta #hashtagitbagit

But a girl can still dream, right?

Whoa whoa whoa whoa, before you get all, Loony is whack, Phish ain't gonna do no show in Israel, let me alert you to what Jambase reported on this show in the 2nd set, and I quote:  "Trey introducted on Fishman as Moses, "here to take you across the Red Sea for "I Didn't Know."

Some may call that Comic Relief, I call it, coming all together.  It's just that people don't know it, yet it's *right in front of their eyes!"  People may laugh at this idea, but I know that the Nunever won't when he reads this.  And that Zaney Laney is on board if she would only read this darn long blog.  And of course my dear husband who supports all of my efforts.  Do I need anything more?  Oh, wait, yeah, I need the guys to decide that it's time to take the living fish into the land "Vayidgu l'rov," but as I'm not a bible thumper, but could possibly be perceived as such, I don't know how that would fly in the greater world, ya know?

And, no, Ariela, (and all my awesome smart friends who like to read this but can't follow the Phish stuff and I don't hold that against them but indeed they're still missing out on tremendous music) this isn't a Phish blog, haven't I said that all along?

Yay for purple girls and little ragers and glitter and sparkly friends and hoopers and curlicues and laughs and soul sisters and birth sisters and bobos and hello kitty and cleaning help and gel manicures and kind veggie burritos and my sweet kinderlach and the moon and for meeting a dude named Stango.

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Sparklingsister said...

And YAY! for good friends who like to go on adventures and wander and explore, dance and laugh and eat ice cream and french fries and fish grill and sushi and who fly across the country with a baby on her back and a pre-teen by her side, to rage at a phish show in Santa Barbara and who appreciates my curlycues, and my sparkles and my rainbows!

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