Sunday, November 22, 2015


The best antidote to pretty much anything is seeing the bright side of things.  As you all know, I have taken a hiatus from this blog to focus on the commercial side of Whole Phamily.  Gotta pay the bills, ya know?

We have sold many headybands over the past few months.   Remember those?

For the Deadheads:

For the Cactusheads:

For the Fishmandonutheads:

 Some toddler hoodies, too, that my sweetest most talented tween rager whips up in a jiffy.

  And we have been working on our Fishman Donut kippot.  

So when some folks on Instagram, when they saw the photo of samples for the kippot, had negative things to say about them, I insisted on keeping it positive.  One person said "Stolen idea."  Another said "damn guys...late to the party...this has been done."  Even when I showed the haters the photo of my prototypes from last year, before their friend sold out their version of Phish kippot (which were the large satin temple-style yarmulkas) over Labor Day weekend, I was still received with negativity. 

Social media can really bite!

Still, positive energy prevails.  My styles are different, anyway.  There is space for all types in this very small world.  And my friends who I am selling the samples to are all very positive and think it's great what I have done.

My friend Josh (there are so many good Josh's out there) said just keep on doing what I am doing and ignore the haters.

I don't really think I will be venturing past the samples, anyway.

Life is too busy with other stuff.

Like catching up on all the Phish I missed.  Lately I have been listening to shows from 1994.  

This is a great watch


Admittedly, this is all pretty light stuff.  I am so grateful for all that I have.  I am blessed.  Healthy children, bh, food on the table, and probably too much food at that, bills paid, bh, first time homeowners, we give tzedakah, all the basic life needs are taken care of, children have the blessing of Jewish day school and afterschools, college loans are paid off, we get to go out and do fun things together, we see live music, and life is good.

"Let your life proceed at its own design."  This is a great idea, mantra, whatever you want to call it.

No, Phish did not say that.  Remember, this is *not* just a Phish blog!

 Rather than looking in the past and wishing things could have been different (like I should have gone to see the Dead in 1988 and Phish in 1989 when I saw kids wearing their t-shirts in my high school parking lot, or back in 1996 when I kept thinking I should have gone to yeshiva high school), just live in the present and enjoy what you have. 

Everyone has their own journey.  We all come to things when we're ready for them.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  There is a grand master plan for each of us in our own lives.  We can create our present and plan for the future.  But regretting what we did or didn't do in the past isn't really all that helpful.  That's part of staying positive.

Your comments and replies are welcome.  Part of the reason I am not here so often is I don't hear back from many of you.  Also, because I gotta earn some bucks with my heady merch.

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