Thursday, July 28, 2016

Symbiosis can work

The article today on Jambase that talks about the many successful fan efforts to get Phish to play specific songs, quite honestly, brought me to tears. It's one of the most beautiful things to be reminded yet again of the love that my favorite band has for its fans.  Because the love that I feel for the band that changed my life is beyond more than words can say. 

You all probably know by now that I would love if Phish would play in Israel

A bunch of years ago I had a whacky vision inspired by who knows what that they would play there on a specific date. 

When I asked a dear friend to pass on a whole research packet I put together (admittedly, that really does sound a bit bonkers) who is close to the band, quite legitimately, she said she wouldn't feel comfortable passing it on.  That's understandable. 

I am no social media wizard.
I am an individual, a mama, a fortunate wife. 
I am chatty.
I am friendly. 
I am sometimes misunderstood.
I am usually truthful. 
I am Loony. 
I love Phish. 

I am grateful for chatting with Fish this spring when he told me directly, in response to the Phish in Israel question, that he would "love to play that amphitheater," making no promises. 

"I just go where they tell me to set up my drumkit." -Jon Fishman, drummer of Phish

I have zero official record of that conversation.
So believe me or not.
Maybe so or maybe not. 
But Fish told me that. 

I will continue in my earnest, honest way to put out the energy in the world that a bunch of us would love it if Phamily had a reason to visit Israel to see our favorite band play an epic run. 

Politics shmolitricks. 
Love and light will prevail if Phish played in Israel. 

If you will it, it is no dream tour. 

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