Monday, April 30, 2012

Mama's Night Out

Stango and I got to hear some music over the weekend.  A local Connecticut band, the Juicy Grapes, were playing at the Acoustic Cafe in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Back in high school I didn't get out to this type of activity, so it was like I was having the night I never had in 1989.  Lots of fun.  In between sets my kind of music was playing on the speakers, and it was all good.

This was a set list for a different band

Love the smart logos...though the other women there didn't know about Lululemon.  I guess this could be a generic omega and not a rip on the famous yoga clothing brand logo

A running music-head rabbit with a guitar.

Does this mean I can't display the cute logo from the cafe table (bunny rabbit above) on my blog? 


Uncle Goalie said...

I'd bet that Omega symbol is definitely not generic. Looks like a trumpet, but searching online I can't find anything other than actual horns and references to Revelations...

Rachel Molly said...

uncle goalie: Are you familiar with Lululemon yoga clothing? Pretty much the most forward-thinking brand out there (and terribly pricey), that any yoga mama wishes she really flatters the figure and fits so well! Truly a revelation, that yoga clothing!

Rachel Molly said... when I saw the horn on the end of the symbol, I was like, Oooh , a yoga lover is into the funk, too!

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