Friday, July 6, 2012

Upcoming Phamily Phun in Philadelphia!? With DJ Scribe

now *this* is a fun, chill, inexpensive phamily phun event in philly!  Sadly, the Whole Phamily will be unable to attend but I encourage who lives in Philadelphia and is looking for something to do in a week or so to GO GO GO!!!  DJ Scribe looks fully funkadelic.  Check out DJ Samson, too, cuz word on the street, yo, is that pisher can spin some mad wax!

While we currently have no plans on attending, I saw this ad in Philadelphia's The Jewish Exponent for the upcoming Jewish Heritage Night at a Phillies game which jumps on the"PH" bandwagon.  I can't speak to previous years since I am a recent New York transplant, but did they market the event this way in the past?Or, did a wise person at Philadelphia Federation (ahem, Phederation) stumble upon this blog and dig my vibe?  In all of my humble modesty, though, I am currently humming the words of Carly Simon to the tune of  "You're So Vain."

My sister Reba calls me an internet jewish cosmic freakazoid.  Would anyone else pick up on this advertising detail other than me?

pre-game phamily phestival.  The Whole Phamily is happy to join you if we are invited.   Partnerships are good.  Laminates/guest lists/VIP treatment are even better.

I have my feelers out already with their marketing folks, so I am curious what the story is...

Meantime, check out Carly from 2 years ago.
Remastered/remixed classic song from the excellent year of 1972.
Now, that is one very fine vintage.
I speak from personal experience.
Dig the whole Morningside Heights and Columbia University vibe.
If that isn't Butler Library, I don't know what is.
And a chassid vibe, to boot!
The fever is spreading.

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