Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Blues Brothers On New Year's Eve Would be Fun!

So many people were disappointed that Phish didn't cover a whole album, as has been their custom for the past many years, on Halloween this year in Atlantic City.   Well, why not stay broken from tradition and make up for this on New Year's Eve as part of their annual "prank?"

And do a cover of the Blues Brothers soundtrack?

At the gym today I listened to it, and yep, it could totally fly!

Maybe they should do an abridged format.

But I can just picture it:  bring out the Giant Country Horns

Who would cover Aretha, though?

If Clapton and Jeff Beck already covered Shake Your Moneymaker, why can't Phish?

And how about Shake a Tail Feather...the ultimate!

I mean, pulease!  Isn't that just custom-made for Fish?

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Uncle Goalie said...

It could totally fly?

It could totally Flip, Flop and Fly!

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