Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nursing my Baby is a Real Privilege

Not only have all of my babies nursed successfully, but I love to nurse.  I am really fortunate in this regard.
I missed it during the 6 year break between Ezra and Levi, but time allows you to forget and the memory got hazier with each passing year.  

So it was like seeing a really good old friend again when I had Levi.  All the warm fuzzy feelings came rushing back with nursing baby #4.  Going back to La Leche League meetings is so enjoyable!  Chatting with my sister Reba about how much we love nursing our babies is a real happy thing.  

And now Levi is nearly 6 months.  Gd willing I will have many more months to nurse my baby.  I like nursing this size baby.  A newborn is more challenging.  Time is flying and I hope I can ride this wave for as long as possible.  

The skin that you think you might see and think is my naked body is definitely not a breast.  And even if it were, what you see in a typical fashion magazine is a lot more risque.  But still, if you know me you know I strive for modesty and that doesn't look like breast to me.


Rachel Molly Loonin said...

Leaving a comment here for this blog - where is my IT guy when I need him? How I would love a redesign of this blog and have it more user friendly and just up to 2014 standards, not feeling like it is 2002 and I am just emerging onto the blog scene. Who really is reading this anyway? If I had a better look and feel, better marketing, yeah you can bet that this would be a better use of my time. People would actually read this. Ok, bye.

Rachel Molly Loonin said...

Just for kicks I will comment again. Rach, you're the bomb. I love what you write here. Where is the recognition? When will people realize that your words, while not quite gospel, are a good read. You're just a mama but you've got the ideas and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. People just aren't really interested in listening. People's attention spans are the size of a pine nut. which is to say they aren't too big. So, just stop typing and see if anyone reads this stuff. I would rather say read this shit but this is a family-friendly place so I will not say people aren't reading your crappy shit because if you want your children one day to read your legacy you better keep it clean, sister!

Chavelamomela said...

I love nursing my little guy too! (Mine is 1 now)

Ariela said...

Nursing is a blessing and with my little guy we shlepped it out as long as we could past age 3 so enjoy every minute with your sweet baby! xoxo Ariela

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