Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fishman Donut Phish Yarmulkas don't get a refund if you OverPray

Pretty excited to have these in stock.
Have been selling some as pre-sale before Summer Tour starts.

But we are saving most of them to sell in person this summer.

Getting good feedback.

Here's our new logo.

Glad to have another great item to add to the Phish community.

this was the bad version, the first try.

Note.  Please note:  the photo above is *not* the current incarnation of the Phish Yarmulkas.

My mom is here and we got to talking about the number 127.
Mom:  "Why do you have a card with the number 127 on it hanging in your bathroom?"
Me:     "I love the number 127; I have a deep connection to it."
Mom:   "Me too"
Me:     "I know, it's your number originally in my life.  But I write about it from time to time in my blog.  So I guess you don't read my blog."

It occurred to me that most people don't read my blog.
So, if you're reading this, good for you.
You're definitely in the minority.

I don't think she's going to be reading this, but I did explain to her at least part of my prediction about Phish playing in Israel from 2012 that didn't come true.  At least I am making some progress.  I spoke in person with Jon Fishman this year and told him it would be great if they played there.  To which he said, "Yeah, I'd love to play in 'that amphitheater' but I just go where they tell me to set up my drum kit."

I have no clue if anyone in the band has heard there is at least one Loony girl who would like them to play there.  I have no clue if they know who I am or what I am up to.  It's a small world, and it's moving real fast.  So, I like to think they know who I am.  But that's not likely.  Well, Mike knows who I am.  He told me I leave him really long messages on his voicemail.  That is very true.  Yet it's also a big world and there's a lot of people in it.  So sure word travels fast, especially if you're annoying and in people's faces.  But I am an honest gal, so I have that.  If I ever get into a person's face (which has been known to happen), I do know that I am always kind, friendly and fun-loving.  And I know that at least 2 people like reading my blog and my posts on various boards, including the Freaks List.  People just don't like reading on and on when I ramble on and on and on.  For some reason people like reading Big Dog's Ramble.  And who knows maybe people like reading what I write.  Actually a bunch of lovely Freaks women came up to me at the most recent ball and told me they love my posts on Freaks list.  We are all just so busy with life and who has the time to ramble on and on.  But I am really warmed when some really nice women come up to me and say they like what I write.  You have to block out the noise, forget about the negative comments, and just move on and focus on the positivity because it's all the goodness that's out there that is what is going to propel you.    Don't let one negative thing hold you back.

 For the most part, people don't reply to what I say.  "God never listens to what I say."  That's not true, actually I disagree.  I believe that the Aybeshter does listen.  BH I have a cozy happy home with my material needs met.  And a loving dear husband and BH healthy children.  These are really and truly the things that matter.  A happy, peaceful home.  Health.  Sufficient sleep.  Can't say that the last thing really happens all that much.  Especially when you're wasting time writing a blog.

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