Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Old school 1970's sweatbands

You know exactly the type.  Either your dad or grandfather wore them to play tennis or to go jogging.  When I mentioned a couple of years ago that I think there should be a revival of them, I was strongly discouraged.  I thought they would be a good fundraiser for our local JCC, embroidered with their name.  But, we didn't have an investor or a plan of how to sell them, so the idea just fizzled out.

And then, boom, they show up on Phish dry goods, embroidered with Phish's name.

I still get the dour remarks, "Loony, no, please, don't do it."  "Loony, you will look ridiculous"  So, I heed the call of the fashion police and I don't wear them.

On 1st night's show there were a group of teenagers with one of the dads in front of us.  It was all their first show.  And the son was geared up in full regalia:  red & white headband, wristbands, and a red & white t-shirt where the image is of a bass guitar's head in white.  I complimented the dad and told him he should be proud of his son.  The teen was dressed quite tidily...proper I would even venture to say.

Here's what I have to say about tri-color sweatbands:

The are all the rage.

And when you rage wearing terry headbands at a show, they give you that rock-star-quality aura.

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