Monday, February 13, 2012

Deadheads have a Shul on the Bowery!

Naturally I eat this right up.  

And while I eat it intellectually, I physically eat some yummy Trader Joe's falafel chips (Kof-k parve).  The late-night snacking thing is not good.

Leave it to Chabad Lubavitch to have a former (or not?  I have to hope they still listen to the good tunes) Deadhead couple open a Chabad house just a few blocks of where CBGB's was.

The only thing this article didn't mention explicitly was that Joey Ramone was born Jeffry Ross Hyman and was Jewish.  That it said he would have kvelled, though, implied the Yiddishe connection.

Hatzlacha Raba (best of luck) to Rabbi Dov Yonah and Sarah Korn!

To you, I toast a l'chayim on a Glendale Farms Organic grape juice and seltzer "juicy beverage"!

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