Monday, February 13, 2012

Falafel Chips & The BabaGanoush Song

All of you dedicated readers must remember when I first discovered falafel chips last year.  Since then I have been serving them at parties and gatherings.  They are so tasty.  People LOVE them.  My cousin Ruthie was here for our family Chanukah party this year and absolutely fell in love with them.

Problem was, they were hard to find.
And at more than $5 a bag, pretty expensive.
I mean, they're just chips in the end.

But guess what?  I love to sleuth it out at Trader Joe's just as much as any other brand-buster.  I love figuring out who makes what product  (e.g. their yogurt "squishers" are the same exact thing as Stonyfield Farms' "squeezers" which are like GoGurt).  Call it being a TJs nerd:  I'm all good with that.

Looky what I found at Trader Joe's this week!

These were spotted this week at my local Trader Joe's!  $3.49 a bag

You betchyer bottom dollar that these are the SAME EXACT ONES that I discovered last year and are made by Flamous Organics.

I'll take 'em for $3.49 a bag.

They are Organic
Gluten Free
NO trans fat
Soy free
Dairy Free
(but these symbols and confirmations aren't on the TJ's bags...)

Good deal for Flamous Brands, even though it's all a hush hush secret and no one is supposed to know who makes the TJ's private label stuff...I wish them the greatest of success even though they will definitely never confirm this.  Worry not, dear reader, as you know I am quite savvy and can practically guarantee these are the same thing.  

Meantime, my friend Monkey Carey performs with The Funky Monkeys on vocals in this video for the song "Baba Ganoush" which is a condiment used in a felafel sandwich.

Listen to the vocals, as the kids in the video are not the Funky Monkeys..however I thank them for this video since the Funky Monkeys don't even have one!  Very nice job on the video, dudes!


Karen C. said...

I have been a fan of falafel chips, too, but the $5 a bag was a bit high for me, too. As soon as I saw this at TJ's I bought it, I just knew that it had to be the same ones. Haven't broken into the bag yet. I love TJ's!

thelettuceedge said...

interesting food sleuthing and thanks for finding my blog. My 2 year old and I laughed at the video this morning before breakfast!

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