Friday, January 13, 2012

Finding the Good Stuff in Lake Placid While on Break from Andover (or Hotchkiss)

My sister, Reba, is confused as to what type of blog this is.

It is a me blog.

And a big part of me is seeking out the good stuff.

I am posting stuff here that I like and hopefully it will all make sense.

We have spent a day in Lake Placid the past couple of years en route to our Adirondack Mountain vacation.  I love the ADKs, having gone to summer camp there.

On Mirror Lake Drive, the main drag in Lake Placid, you are sure to find touristy shops and restaurants.  I believe I found the best one of all, and even on the outside of the store which is called "ADK Outlet" you will not know the goodness unless you go inside.
photo courtesy of the ADK outlet's Facebook page

Awesome oversized patch from ADK Outlet, 2472 Mirror Lake Drive, Lake Placid, NY  12946

There is nothing touristy-cheesy about the ADK Outlet.

Last summer we finally met the proprietor of ADK Outlet.  His name is Tom Dalton.  He played guitar in the store with my children.  He currently has no web site but produces a lot of preppy-inspired reproductions.  Rugbies, felt college banners, vintage-looking college shirts for Syracuse, Michigan and other popular schools.  He himself exudes the prep-school boy ski bum image, though he is well past the school years and is from Upstate New York.  You feel like he is Ralph Lauren (nee Lifshitz)'s long-lost brother. He is doing preppy for cheaper.

Tom lives in China half of the year where his quality goods are produced.  Last summer I purchased some jersey-knit knee-length skirts that I have not found anywhere else.  The quality is is superb.  He embroiders the skirts right on-site.  For those frum readers among you, these are the best comfy "sweatshirt" A-line skirts you will ever find.  They are elastic waist with drawstrings.  They are really the perfect skirt I have been looking for years for.  Colors include:  cobalt blue, black, hunter green, gray.  I sniff a business idea.  Not.

His shop is decorated beautifully with a plethora of vintage collegiate memorabilia including felt pennants, sporting equipment, and Adirondack hiking gear.  If someone blindfolded you and brought you into his store, you would think it was Ralph Lauren.  

This all reminds me that I have never heard "Prep School Hippie" and there isn't even a YouTube since Phish no longer plays it, but here are the lyrics:

Prep school hippie
Or hip school preppie
I can't decide
Should I spend my adolescent days wearing tie dyes or Vuarnets
I can't decide
Big ten kegger at the frat
Or watching Jerry shake his fat

Prep school hippie
Or hip school preppie
I can't decide

I can't wait till I'm 21

Doesn't this give you the hankering to get back to Oak Bluffs?


Anonymous said...

You have no idea the reality of the owner of this business, whose name and presence makes the entire town cringe. You have been told a much exaggerated version of the reality of this mad man. It breaks my heart to see kind people actually support this monster.

Rachel Molly Loonin said...

We like to give people the benefit of the doubt, always looking towards the good. Sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest places if you look at it right. We are sorry that you, anonymous, who I don't think will get this update without an email attached to this, feels this way. It is often those "mad men" who are the most creative, insightful, thoughtful, and kind. In all truth, aside from the Ben & Jerry's the ADK Outlet is our favorite place to visit, and we can't wait to say hello again this year. His products alone far surpass much of what we have seen out there in terms of college gear.

Heather Gazdik said...

Funny people who have bad things to say are always "anonymous". They never stand behind their words.

Thanks Rachel, for your kind and interesting comments about our store.

Please feel free to contact us


Anonymous said...

This is Tom Dalton . I just ran across this.Sorry i guess I was busy re-filling vintage coke machine that i donate all the money to kids with cancer or maybe writing a check out to kids children hospital that i donated a raffle i won at a auction....just real busy for the right reasons.

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